In April Professor Christian Bokhove is presenting two new papers at the annual meeting of the […]
Last week, we had a Mathematics, Science and health Education Research Centre (MSHE) event for MSc students. […]
Southampton Education School alumnus Dr Zhenzhen Miao, Professor Christian Bokhove, Professor David Reynolds, and Professor Charalambos […]
Dr Ben Davies has secured funding for developing an interactive version of the School Mathematics Textbook […]
An article “Distinguishing Nature of Science Beliefs, Knowledge and Understandings” authored by Richard Brock and MSHE […]
In Spring 2022 we conducted the ‘Mathematics in Transit’ project. In this project a team of […]
SeaCity Museum, located in the civic centre of Southampton, tells the story of the people of […]
A new publication by Dr Christian Bokhove explores whether instructional practices in secondary mathematics classrooms differ […]
Alderton, J., Ineson, G., Donaldson, G., Rowland, T., Voutsina, C. & Wilson, K. (2022). “You see things […]
Prof Marcus Grace and Dr Andri Christodoulou hosted the first Environmental Education Network meeting for Southampton […]
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