We are an internationally recognised centre for excellence in research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. We aim to create new knowledge and to provide a base for interdisciplinary research and collaboration that addresses local, national, and global challenges.

We are committed to research in:

  • Early mathematics learning and mathematics education in the classroom
  • Decision-making, argumentation, and engagement with socio-scientific issues
  • Assessment, argumentation, reasoning and proof in secondary and HE mathematics
  • Environmental and sustainability education
  • Informal learning environments for STEM education, such as outdoor, museum and family learning
  • The use of digital technologies and new technologies for teaching and learning in STEM, including Computer-Aided Assessment and Interactive Theorem Provers
  • Innovative pedagogies in STEM (e.g. game-based learning)
  • Teachers’ mathematics and science subject knowledge and teacher preparation
  • Design, development and evaluation of textbook and curriculum resources for teaching and learning in STEM

We welcome PhD applications related to the above areas and encourage communication with MaSE research members to discuss ideas further.