Members from the Mathematics and Science Education (MaSE) Research Centre from Southampton Education School (Charis Voutsina, Ros Hyde and Athina Thoma) collaborated with colleagues from the School of Mathematical Sciences to deliver engaging mathematics outreach activities as part of the Science and Engineering Day. These outreach activities were:

  • Number Detectives! Find numbers hiding in plain sight!
  • Journeying through the world’s bridges and uncovering the math within
  • Shape shifters: building 3D shapes and exploring Platonic Solids
  • Unlocking mathematical secrets through the ages and around the globe: A maths escape room.


The outreach activities attracted a large number of visitors and engaged learners of all ages with the wonders and beauty of mathematics.



The group of volunteers supporting the above activities and also featuring in the picture (although we need to note that there are some individuals who are missing from the pictures) are students from:

  • the undergraduate programmes of Southampton Education School and School of Mathematical Sciences
  • the postgraduate programmes of Southampton Education School (MSc and PGCE primary)


We would like to thank our tireless volunteers for their enthusiasm and commitment, and for dedicating their time and energy to delivering the activities on the day but also designing innovative activities for the Maths escape room prior to the Science and Engineering Day.

We look forward to building upon this momentum in future outreach events and fostering further collaborations between the two Schools.



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