Dr Zhenzhen Miao, Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education at Jiangxi Normal University, China with a PhD from our School, MaSE’s Professor Christian Bokhove and former SEdS professor David Reynolds, have collaborated more than five years on the MasterMT project.

A book with the findings has just been released. You can find it here.

This practical guide invites teachers to take a journey towards masterly mathematics teaching using the experiences and lessons learnt across five Chinese provinces, Anhui, Beijing, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Tianjin. On this journey, you will gain a thorough understanding of: (1) the quality and characteristics of master mathematics teachers’ teaching, (2) the quality of mathematics learning they have nurtured amongst their students in affective, metacognitive and cognitive dimensions and (3) the teaching-learning mechanisms that underpin excellent performance in the three dimensions. Alongside the quantitative and qualitative evidence on educational excellence, you will also delve deep into the trajectories and processes of professional development that generate professional excellence amongst master mathematics teachers and their peers within and across primary schools, up and down China.

Building on data collected with 70 master mathematics teachers and 3,178 students and from teaching research events at the school, municipal, provincial and national levels, the Master Mathematics Teachers (MasterMT) project is, to date, the first that has looked at the legendary tribe of master mathematics teachers in China at such a large scale, and with such breadth and depth. The book offers invaluable insights for any teacher or teacher educator who wants to improve mathematics teaching and learning and generate educational and professional excellence in primary schools and beyond.

More information on the Master Mathematics Teachers (MasterMT) project can be accessed at https://mastermt.org/.




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