This interdisciplinary project is designed to (i) investigate the cognitive processes involved in learning through writing, (ii) identify the neural processes underlying these processes,  and (iii) develop instructional interventions to promote effective strategies for writing to learn. Previous research has provided evidence for a dual process model of writing to learn (Baaijen and Galbraith, 2018; Galbraith & Baaijen, 2018). Current research has been developing keystroke measures of the different kinds of processes taking place during writing (Hall et al., 2022) and is developing summarising tasks for use in future fMRI studies (Peters et al.). Papers are currently in progress which explore the neural underpinning of these processes (Limongi et al.). Exchanges between the teams involved are currently in progress and a bid for funding for research into the effectiveness of different drafting strategies is in preparation.

The researchers involved in this project are: Dr David Galbraith, Amy Peters (University of Southampton); Veerle Baaijen (University of Groningen); Roberto Limongi, Angelica Silva (Western University); Sophie Hall (University of Portsmouth).

Funding: Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Development Fund (SIRDF), University of Southampton