Remembering Titanic project is funded by the University of Southampton Faculty of Social Sciences and in partnership with the SeaCity Museum in Southampton.  Dr Wonyong Park, Dr Neta Shaby, and Rachele Newman are involved in this project.

Integrating formal and informal education to teach the local history of RMS Titanic, the research team work with history and science teachers from Southampton schools and museum educators at SeaCity Museum to develop a curriculum unit focused on the history of Titanic and Southampton for Key Stage 3 pupils.

The curriculum development is guided by the principles of (a) integration of school subjects (Science and History), (b) integration of school-based and out-of-school learning, (c) place-based learning and (d) disaster and tragedy education. The project has positively impacted teachers’ and museum educators’ perceptions about the benefits of cross-subject collaboration and informal learning experiences in facilitating young people’s knowledge of and interest in their community. The final products of the project will be disseminated to local schools and shared online for broader impact.

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